June – Wonderful Thangka Painting Retreat in Italy!

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The most wonderful Thangka Painting Course in Europe

Italy & Art – such a great combination!
June is one of the loveliest periods of the year to go to Italy. It offers generally good weather, warm but not so hot as in July and August.

That’s why I offer my annual thangka painting retreat every year in this period, in Northern Italy, above the Garda Lake, at the Buddhist Center of Kushi Ling, near the village of Arco.
This year the participants came from many different countries again, such as Sweden, The Netherlands, Switzerland, France, and of course Italy. Such great mix of people all together!


medicine-buddha-healing-master medicine-buddha-drawing-asia medicine-buddha-color-pencils-thangka-student

The Medicine Buddha & Healing Plants
The subject this year was Medicine BuddhaHealing Plants in Tibetan Medicine, a very interesting subject which is all about healing and your body and mind becoming one. Students learned all about the ‘Master of Healing Buddha’ and the most used plants and minerals that are used in Tibetan Medicine (that derives from the Indian Ayurvedic Medicine), and the illnesses that they can cure.


Art, Meditation & Mantra
Also starting with the Medicine Buddha meditations in the morning and working with the Medicine Buddha mantra during the week leaves great imprints in your mind. A wonderful week to recharge your batteries, reflect on your life and to work on a unity of mind & body. And of course meeting new friends!


How to get to the Thangka Painting Retreat?
There are many ways to travel to Kushi Ling, which is close to the top of Garda Lake.

People from France and Switzerland usually take the car or train, others usually fly to Verona or Milan and travel from there by train and bus.

One of my favorite ways of getting there is flying to Verona, and then taking a short train, bus or taxi ride to Peschiera (del Garda), at the bottom of the Garda Lake. From there you can take a slow or a fast boat (both run a few times a day) all the way to Riva del Garda at the top of the lake.

I prefer the slow boat, which takes approx. 4 hours and immediately brings you in vacation mood, but expecially ‘slow down’ mood and ‘zen’ mood. The boat trip (which only cost about €15,50!) offers great views over the lake, and short stops at pittoresque and colorful villages. The boat trip is a vacation in itself.

You are welcome to join me next time:
When we arrive in Riva del Garda, usually around 1pm, I know this lovely restaurant where we have a great lunch with pizza or pasta, before we share a taxi (20min. drive, taxi price is only €25 divided by the amount of people joining) for the last part of our trip, arriving at our beautiful destination Kushi Ling, in the mountains and in between the olive trees.

When all the other students have arrived, we all get to know each other during a great Italian meal in the evening, followed by a wonderful 10 days of art, Buddhism, meditation, hikes through the olive fields, visits to the nearby village or the old castle, more amazing Italian food and especially lots of JOY!




Come join us for the 2018 Thangka Painting Course in Italy!






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Did you know that thangka courses are also held Venice, Italy each autumn?

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