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Drawing the Face of the Buddha

Oct 5, 2023 / Tibet House / NYC


During this workshop you will learn how to draw the Face of the Buddha according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. 

This workshop offers a good introduction in Tibetan thangka painting (Buddhist scroll paintings) and comes with a short meditation, a short lecture on Tibetan Art, as well as explanation of the tradition and symbolism. During the drawing session there will also be individual guidance.

Drawing the face of the Buddha the way it has been done for centuries is a very meditative experience. If you’re a buddhist practitioner drawing a Buddha is also a great help for your visualization meditation.

The workshop is suitable for everyone, including beginners with no drawing experience whatsoever.
The use of materials is included.

Join the subsequent weekend course and create a complete Buddha
This Drawing the Face of the Buddha workshop is the prerequisite for follow-up courses where you can learn to draw a complete Buddha, such as The Buddha (Shakyamuni, the Historical Buddha of our time) that is offered in the Thangka Weekend Course on Oct 6/7/8 at the Shantideva Center in NYC!

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Date & Time:
Thu Oct 5, 2023
5.30-8.30PM / ROOM 308

Workshop Fee:
Tiered pricing $ 60 / $80 / $100
(see registration link) including the use of materials*

*We have drawing paper, pencils, erasers and rulers for you to use. If you prefer to bring your own materials in addition, as well as colored pencils for example, please do so. You may also want to bring a notebook and pen to make notes during this class.


22 West 14th Street
New York, NY 10011


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