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Video on drawing the Buddha Face

This month we launched a new video, commissioned by Happinez Magazine, as it was shot during a day workshop on learning how to draw the Face of the Buddha according to the old Tibetan Tradition, that was won by 4 people on the occasion of the 100th Magazine Anniversary of in Happinez Magazine.
It was filmed and directed by Jacky Elbers and edited by us both.

Thangka Painting Retreat in Italy

Each year around June / July a special thangka painting retreat is held in northern Italy, at Centro Tibetano Kushi Ling.

If you want you can join me on my travels to get there:

The course starts with a great Italian (and organic) meal, and getting to know each other.

The subject this year was ‘The Medicine Buddha & Healing Plants in Tibetan Medicine‘, as you can see here in these pictures and in the pics that were made at the exhibition at the end of the 10-day course:

During the free hours, we can visit the pittoresque nearby village of Arco, for a well-deserved Italian gelato:

In a 10-day course there is enough time to explain and explore the special thangka painting techniques:

In the middle of the thangka painting retreat there’s more time to see the surroundings, visit the Garda Lake, or hike in the mountains:

Every year, we end this special, long thangka course with a camp fire:

We had such a great group, with people from all over the world, here we gather for a group picture at the end of the course, in front of the beautiful Stupa.

Save the date!
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