November – Green Tara & the 21 Taras thangka course

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Green Tara & the 21 Taras thangka course

This month I chose for a very special subject for the 4 day thangka drawing retreat in Holland, that is held twice a year: not only Green Tara, but also the 21 Taras that surround her (and of course the 21 Tara subject was only done by a few of my very advanced thangka students). There were also a few new students, some of whom had never drawn before, and who started with Buddha Face before they moved on to the most famous female Buddha, Green Tara.

To see all the pictures, click on the image below, or the link below that:

See more pictures of the Green Tara & 21 Taras thangka course

Learn more about Green Tara, the Green Tara Mandala, and the Green Tara Mantra.
You might also like to see the Life size Green Tara Statue and other Green Tara Statues that Carmen has painted.


Want to learn to draw or paint a Tara yourself?

Green Tara & the 21 Taras will be the subject of the annual thangka painting retreat in Italy in 2018!
So if you want to join, please sign up quickly to be sure of your space.

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Green Tara by Carmen Mensink