Medicine Buddha

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The Medicine Buddha

The blue Buddha of Healing

The Medicine Buddha -a transformation of Buddha Shakyamuni– is the embodiment of all the Buddhas’ healing qualities, associated with healing both physical and mental suffering.

His deep blue body colour is that of lapis lazuli. This precious gem stone was traditionally used to symbolize something that is rare or pure. This blue light can have a positive and healing effect when used in Tibetan buddhist visualization practices.

Medicine Buddha (part of the 8 Medicine Buddhas thangka)
Copyright: © Carmen Mensink 2008
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The making of

This Buddha, part of the Eight Medicine Buddhas thangka took a long time to paint, as it’s quite a large artwork with many elements and a lot of detail.

Carmen Mensink paints the 8 Medicine Buddhas

Medicine Buddha art classes

Video and pictures of the tibetan art workshops with subject Medicine Buddha:

medicine-buddha-painting-course-carmen-mensink  medicine-buddha-drawing-asia

During the thangka drawing and painting classes around the world Carmen Mensink explains and shows not only the Tibetan tradition of thangka drawing and painting, she also teaches the symbolism, meditations and (meaning of) the mantra of the particular Buddha that’s being created in the art course.

medicine-buddha-thangka-drawing    courses_thangka_workshops_medicine_buddha
A few Medicine Buddha drawings and paintings Carmen’s students

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