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The Medicine Buddha

The blue Buddha of Healing

The Medicine Buddha -a transformation of Buddha Shakyamuni– is the embodiment of all the Buddhas’ healing qualities, associated with healing both physical and mental suffering.

His deep blue body colour is that of lapis lazuli. This precious gem stone was traditionally used to symbolize something that is rare or pure. This blue light can have a positive and healing effect when used in Tibetan buddhist visualization practices.

Medicine Buddha (part of the 8 Medicine Buddhas thangka)
Copyright: © Carmen Mensink 2008
Status: Sold

The making of

This Buddha, part of the Eight Medicine Buddhas thangka took a long time to paint, as it’s quite a large artwork with many elements and a lot of detail.
Carmen Mensink paints the 8 Medicine Buddhas
Carmen Mensink painting her thangka of the Eight Medicine Buddhas in 2007.

Learn how to draw or paint your own Medicine Buddha

Before learning to draw/paint complete Buddhas, one always starts their thangka journey with the basis and learn to draw the Face of the Buddha, that you can do at Carmen’s online School for Tibetan Buddhist Art.

Also the Medicine Buddha Thangka Art Course can be joined online. This course is usually offered once a year, sign up for the newsletter to stay updated.
The Buddha Face and the Medicine Buddha courses can also be purchased in a bundle.

The Buddha Face and Medicine Buddha can also be created in-person during one of the Thangka Painting Retreats in Italy, The Netherlands, or the USA.


Carmen Mensink explains the symbolism of the Medicine Buddha and how it’s painted during one of her courses at Tibet House, NYC

It’s also possible to book a private thangka drawing or painting retreat with Carmen Mensink in Amsterdam.



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