August – Festivals, Paris & the Guimet Museum of Asian Art

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Paris & the Guimet Museum of Asian Art

After a super busy first half of the year, I finally had some free time in August, that I spent on my favorite festivals in Amsterdam, and in one of my favorite European cities, Paris.

One of my favorite museums for Asian art in Europe is the Guimet Museum in Paris, where I can easily spend a full day.
This August they had a great exhibition on display about Japanese Art, the traditional Japanese woodblock prints (made world famous by the artists Hokusai and Hiroshige).


My favorite Amsterdam Festivals

August is also festival time, and as I’ve been a make-up artist as well for many years -you can visit my portfolio here– lots of make-up and festival outfits are involved!

For the DragQueen Olympics I am one of the make-up artists each year, painting the faces of many drag-queens and drag-kings:

One of the festivals I always visit myself is Ruigoord Landjuweel, a hippie kind of festival, set in the little artist village of Ruigoord, just outside of Amsterdam. Four days of joy, fun, friends, music, performances, theatre & make-up (and of course I’m doing my own!)