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Healing Plants in Tibetan Medicine

Here a few images of when Carmen Mensink was working on her thangka of the Medicine Buddha surrounded by Tibetan Healing herbs and plants.

When the Buddha was alive, he traveled through Northern India to offer his insights.
During one of his teachings, he manifested himself as a a blue Buddha, the Buddha of Healing, and with the teachings he gave in this appearance he laid the foundation for Tibetan Medicine.

The 4 Medical Tantras (The Blue Beryl)

The knowledge of Tibetan Medicine, which is known for its effectiveness in treating not only physical but also mental illnesses, was written down about a thousand years ago in the book of the Four Medical Tantras.
These medical texts were later described more in detail in the Blue Beryl, the 17th Century medical encyclopedia that became famous for its large number of special thangka paintings (that were added in 1687). These images show the working of the body, diseases and show the right herbs, plants and minerals that can cure these illnesses.

This thangka shows the Medicine Buddha surrounded by important Healing Plants and is being painted in the style of the Blue Beryl.


The making of

The pictures below show of the ‘making of’ of this painting with important healing plants, with Medicine Buddha of Healing in the center:




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