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Flying Goddesses & flowers in tropical Singapore

Urban Asia
Singapore is a sovereign city-state in Southeast Asia and an island country.
It is highly urbanized, and little of the original (tropical) vegetation remains. Buddhism is the most widely practised religion in Singapore.
You can find many Dharma centers, temples and monasteries from all three major traditions of Buddhism: Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana.
Most Buddhists in Singapore are of Chinese descendant and are practice Chinese Buddhism in the Mahayana tradition.

Swirling goddesses
Flying goddesses (or dakinis) on the walls around one of the biggest Chinese Buddhist temple in Chinatown, Singapore. They appear so gracefully and their scarfs are floating and swirling in the wind, almost as if they are alive.

The tropical botanical garden
As Singapore is so urbanized, the big tropical botanical garden is a joy to walk through.
Part of it is the special Orchid Garden with all types of orchids you can imagine. There you can find many photographers to shoot the perfect orchid in the perfect light.
You can also find all sorts of fruit, such as the pineapples, that are red before they turn yellow.

Lotusses everywhere
At the ‘Buddha Tooth Relic Temple’ in Singapore, a modern Chinese Buddhist Temple, this amazing lotus embroidery on a few walls are striking, because of the details, shine and depth in it.

Outside on the streets real lotus flowers and buds can be purchased, as an offering to the temple.


Every year I’m invited to Singapore to offer Buddhist art classes, for example at the Buddhist Library (a Theravada Buddhist centre), and the Asian Classics Institute.

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From Feb 23 to March 5  2017, Carmen will give a Painting Retreat on Sri Lanka (organized by the center in Singapore), with subject GuanYin


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