Mandala of the 5 Elements

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Mandala of the Five Elements

Earth – Water – Fire – Air – Space

In the old Indian Ayurvedic Medicine the basis was formed by the elements of Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Space. Later on, this system was incorporated in Tibetan Medicine.

These five elements and their energies also live within ourselves. They are connected to our chakras and also correlated to emotions, colors, body types, illnesses, thinking styles, and character for example.

This mandala was used to explain the relationship between the diseases and their treatments.

This thangka -if you compare it to other Tibetan mandalas a very simple one- is a copy of Carmen’s teacher Andy Weber’s Five Elements thangka, which is in turn a copy of a Nepalese mandala from the 16th Century.

Mandala of 5 Elements Thangka
Painting on canvas
Copyright: © Carmen Mensink 2010
Status: For sale