Tara protecting against Poisons

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Tara protecting from Poisons & Naga-related diseases

This Tara figure is also known by the name of Tara, the Victorious One sitting on a peahen. She is famous for granting protecting from poisons and Nagas, snake-like creatures. ‘Naga-related diseases’ refers to all kinds of toxins and poisons. It also refers to animals whose venom can harm or kill such as snakes and scorpions. Within our own mind, this Tara stands for protecting from wrong views and from dullness of mind.

This Tara is part of the Twenty One Taras.
She was painted according to the system of Surya Gupta, a Kashmiri pandit from the 9th century. Tara is depicted with 4 arms in this old Indian tradition (instead of 2 arms in the Tibetan tradition).


Tara protecting against Poisons
Painting on canvas
Copyright: © Carmen Mensink 2009
Status: For Sale

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