8 Medicine Buddhas

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The Eight Medicine Buddhas

The masters of Ultimate Healing

Buddha Shakyamuni, the historical Buddha of our time, once emanated as a blue Buddha, and in this form he gave teachings on Ultimate Healing.

The Medicine Buddha -and thus Tibetan Medicine- is associated with healing not only physical but also mental suffering.

If we make a connection with the Medicine Buddha by practicing his meditations and reciting his healing mantra may help us reach our potential for healing both body & mind.

In traditional Tibetan thangkas, this healing master with the color of Lapis Lazuli is often depicted in the company of seven other Medicine Buddhas, one of them being Buddha Shakyamuni himself.

The Eight Medicine Buddhas thangka
Copyright: © Carmen Mensink 2008
Status: Sold

The making of

This thangka is quite large and it took a long time to paint, as there are many elements involved and a lot of detail.

Carmen Mensink paints the 8 Medicine Buddhas
Carmen Mensink painting her thangka of the Eight Medicine Buddhas in 2007.
You can also visite the individual Medicine Buddha Thangka page.

Learn how to draw or paint your own Medicine Buddha


Student painting the Medicine Buddha

Before learning to draw/paint complete Buddhas, one always starts their thangka journey with the basis and learn to draw the Face of the Buddha, that you can do at Carmen’s online School for Tibetan Buddhist Art.

Also the Medicine Buddha Thangka Art Course can be joined online. This course is usually offered once a year, sign up for the newsletter to stay updated.
The Buddha Face and the Medicine Buddha courses can also be purchased in a bundle.


Carmen Mensink explains the symbolism of the Medicine Buddha and how it’s painted during one of her courses at Tibet House, NYC

The Buddha Face and Medicine Buddha can also be created in-person during one of the Thangka Painting Retreats in Italy, The Netherlands, or the USA.

It’s also possible to book a private thangka drawing or painting retreat with Carmen Mensink in Amsterdam.

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