Vajradhara statue

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Restoration & painting of a Vajradhara statue

This small but very finely made Vajradhara statue was damaged by a fire that broke out on the Buddhist altar.

Vajradhara (Tib.: Dorje Chang) is seen as the primordial Buddha (or Adi Buddha), in both the Kagyu and the Gelug and schools of Tibetan Buddhism. ‘Vajra‘ is referred to as diamond or thunderbolt.

Before & after


It took a lot of work for Carmen to first clean the statue very carefully, and next to apply the thin layers of (pure) gold and paints to restore all the damage that was done.


The fire victim looked very sad when he first arrived at Carmen’s thangka studio, but after her ‘treatment’ the statue now looks completely new again and is happily back on the altar.