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Vajra (Tib.: Dorje)

The Diamond Sceptre

The Vajra is the representative and essential symbol of the Vajrayana Buddhist path or ‘Diamond vehicle’.

The Vajra in essence symbolizes the indestructible state of Buddhahood (highest state of enlightenment). When used double -crossed Vajra- it represents absolute stability.

The absolute Awareness of all Buddhas

The deep meaning of the Vajra is shown in the Tibetan text painted in gold on the bottom of the thangka. The translation is:
The Secret Mind, The Omniscience, the Absolute Awareness of all Buddhas.”

Vajra Thangka
Gouache & gold on canvas
Copyright: © Carmen Mensink 2006
Status: For sale


In the closeup of this artwork you can see a lot of gold is used. From the heart of the Vajra rainbows radiate out in all directions.


The Bell (Tib.: Ghanta)
When used as a ritual instrument in Tantric Buddhist rituals, the vajra is held in the right hand, symbolizing powerful and compassionate method. Often this is used in combination with the Bell (Tib.: Ghanta) in the left hand. Together they represent the perfect union of method and wisdom, male and female, ultimate balance.



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