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Opening of the exhibition ‘The Buddha’ in Amsterdam

On Sept 23 I attended the opening of the new exhibition at the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam called The Buddha.

It’s a wonderful exhibition about Buddha Shakyamuni, the historical Buddha of our time, and by visiting it you will make a journey through the life of the Buddha, learn about his philosophy and how it spreaded out to other Asian countries.

Buddha Weekend – come join us!
Carmen is asked to offer lectures on Tibetan Buddhist Art, guided tours through the exhibition and thangka workshops on the Buddha Weekend of Oct 15 + 16. You are welcome to join! All lectures, guided tours and workshops are free of charge, you only need to buy an entree ticket to the museum.

The Buddha exhibition will run through Jan 29, 2017.

Here’s a picture of the big light hall of the Tropenmuseum during the opening of the exhibition The Buddha:

animal-sacrifice-nepalThangka students raising money to help animals in Nepal

Animal Nepal is an innovative NGO based in the Kathmandu Valley and is run by an enthusiastic team of volunteers, who are both local and overseas animal welfare campaigners and educators. Animal Nepal was established in 2004 as a non-profit company and was registered in 2009 as an NGO.

working-animals-nepal-projectThrough practical interventions and awareness-raising, Animal Nepal believes that widespread animal cruelty can be gradually reduced. Hopefully Nepal can become a model country for animal welfare in its region.

For a short time I raised donations for this cause during my thangka classes and my students gathered a total of $112,50. This month I doubled it and transferred $225 to Animal Nepal. It’s a small amount but all bits help! I will continue to raise money for this cause during my classes and will keep on doubling it.

To learn more about Animal Nepal and/or to help this much needed cause, please go to

Thangka classes in new places

This month thangka classes were organized in new places, such as Utrecht and Den Bosch (in the center and in the south of The Netherlands). Below you’ll find some pictures of it. Joyous days!

I also spend 3 days with John, who came all the way from Taiwan to receive individual thangka teachings, who learned to draw the Mandala of the 5 Elements and is currently working further on it back in Taiwan.

When you draw a Buddha you’re drawing a reflection of yourself! #thangkapainting #buddha #buddhistart #utrecht

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Thangka workshop in Den Bosch pal naast de St. Janskathedraal! #thangkapainting #denbosch

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