December – May the 8 Auspicious Symbols bring Peace & Harmony in the New Year

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The 8 Auspicious Symbols

May they bring Peace & Harmony in 2017

One of the courses that I offered in december had one of my favorite subjects: the 8 Auspicious Tibetan Symbols.

These famous symbols are painted in front of a Tibetan monastery when a high lama comes to visit (see the picture below of the artwork I created for the Dalai Lama) but they are also drawn with colored powder (or wheat flour) or painted on the floors and houses to welcome the New Year.

2016 was a very dark year in very many ways, but I wish that all the symbols that were created in 2016 -such as the wonderful ones of my students as you can see in the pictures below!- may leave a positive imprint onto anyone that sees them and may they create Peace & Harmony for 2017.