November – School classes learn how to draw the Buddha

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teen-groups-learn-to-paint-a-buddhaSchool classes learn how to draw the Buddha!

The Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam has also asked me to offer workshops and guided tours to school groups that are visiting the museum during the exhibit. The classes are big, 30 to 35 teens per class, and the teens are aged 13 to 17. The schools come from different cities in Holland.

Guided tours
After each workshop, where the teenagers learn to draw a Buddha in the Tibetan tradition and after the workshop I bring them into the galleries and offer a guided tour through the current exhibition ‘The Buddha.’

Offering teachings to classes from my own high school!
It was such an amazing coincidence that in one of the schools that attended my workshop & guided tour was the secondary school that I attended myself, the Carolus Clusius College in Zwolle (Netherlands), of course long before these 15 and 16 year old teens were born.

The exhibition ‘De Boeddha’ runs through Jan, 2017.