April – Massive earthquake strikes Nepal

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Sad news on April 25th:
Massive earthquake strikes Nepal

A most horrifying earthquake hit Nepal on April 25th, killing more than 7500 people…

Not only Nepal was affected but also the adjoining areas of India, Tibet and Bangladesh. Hundreds of thousands of people are instantly made homeless and across the country entire villages are destructed.
Aftershocks occurred and continued throughout Nepal within 15-20 minute intervals. Complete families are currently sleeping outside in the parks and streets as their homes were gone. And should there anything be left of their homes, they are way too afraid to sleep inside because of all the afterschocks.
This is the most powerful disaster to strike Nepal since the 1934 earthquake of Nepal-Bihar. 

Heritage sites
At several UNESCO World Heritage site in the Kathmandu Valley, many centuries-old buildings were destroyed, including Buddhist and Hindu temples and stupas, such as the world famous Swayambhu Stupa and Boudhanath Stupa.

Fortunately the family of Thargey-La in Boudhanath, my thangka teacher’s teacher who passed away in 2014, are reported as safe, as well as other people I know in Kathmandu.

To see what Nepal looked like before the earthquake, view the pictures of Nepal that I made during my trip in 2007, and where I also visited Thargey-La, as I wanted to see where my own thangka painting lineage was coming from.

Please donate
As it will take many many years for the people of Nepal to get over this tragedy and to build up their homes again, all the help is needed. So please consider donating to one or more of the wonderful organizations working in Nepal.
A good list of reliable Nepal Earthquake Relief Funds can be found here.