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News Blog on Buddhism, Art & all that Inspires

In her monthly picture blogs Carmen writes about art, buddhism, her travels & experiences:

December – Calendar 2016 Tibetan Buddhist Art

NEW! The Tibetan Buddhist Art Calendar for the new year has come out
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November – Designing Dharma Logos

Designing a logo for Tara Communication...
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October – Art & Wisdom in Venice

Each fall art lovers from different countries come together in a gorgeous Venezian 'Palazzo' to...
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September – Large Mandala Painting event

If you want to paint a large mandala with hundreds of people...
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August – Tibetan Mask making in NYC

How to create a Tibetan Buddhist Mask with Carmen Mensink...
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July – Lama Zopa Rinpoche

We are delighted to welcome Lama Zopa Rinpoche back to The Netherlands!
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June – Collaboration with paint mill De Kat

Learn how to create your own paints at the old paint mill The Cat...
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June – High school project on Asia

Offering Buddha drawing classes to teenagers on high schools...
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May – Flying Yogis & Dakinis

Ever since I've heard of the existence of flying monks, I've been intrigued by it...
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April – Massive earthquake strikes Nepal

Sad news on April 25th: Massive earthquake strikes Nepal...
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April – Ven. Robina Courtin in The Netherlands

I'm assisting Ven. Robina during her visit to The Netherlands and during the teachings she...
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March – Geisha Exhibit at Museum of Ethnology

The wonderful Geisha Exhibition & Buddha Flag painting project at the Museum of Ethnology...
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February – Bali & Java, Indonesia

Beauty, art and mysticism on Bali & sunrise at the Borobudur on Java...
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January – Singapore Art Teachings

Annual painting classes in Singapore with Mandala of the 5 Elements as subject...
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