June – Collaboration with paint mill De Kat

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Make your own paints at paint mill The Cat

I’m very happy to announce a special collaboration with windmill The Cat (The Kat in Dutch) on a unique part of Holland called ‘the Zaanse Schans!’

Traditional pigment making
The Cat is the only remaining windmill in the world that produces pigments in the traditional way: by grinding rocks and minerals into the finest powder pigments, paints can be made.

Highlights of Holland
Close to Amsterdam, the Zaanse Schans is one of the highlights in the Netherlands with its vibrant and beautiful living and working community. Dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, it is packed with traditional houses and wooden windmills, and built in the typically Dutch wooden architectural style.

de-kat-thangka-workshopWorkshops paint making
In the beautiful old mill The Cat new day workshops will be taken place:

  • Pieter Keune -renowned master in the technical aspect of paints and art materials- will explain about the paints and pigments that were used in Asian and especially Tibetan art. After that you will learn how to traditionally prepare these paints.
  • After that I will teach you how to create Tibetan symbols and decorations by using the set of paints that you have made earlier. We will paint on traditionally handmade paper, coming from a nearby windmill.
  • zaanse-schans-de-katAt the end of the workshop we will have a toast with miller Piet Kempenaar, who is happy to share his stories from the many decades that he’s been running this wonderful place.

After that there’s time to explore the Zaanse Schans in peace and take great photographs, as most tourists are goneby the end of the day.

Want to join?
Check out if there are any Paint preparation & Buddhist art workshops at the Zaanse Schans coming up