September – Large Mandala Painting event

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Painting a large mandala together!

happinez-festival-2015-carmen-mensinkThis month I was once more invited at the Happinez festival, the biggest spiritual festival in The Netherlands.
I organized and prepared for a large project where hundreds of visitors of the festival helped creating a 4×4 meter (13.2 feet) painting of a lotus flower with 8 lotus petals. And in each leaf a tibetan symbol was painted, together forming the Eight Auspicious Symbols.

The making of
This painting was started at the previous Happinez Festival in 2013.  At the 2015 festival it was accomplished, with hundreds of people.

Here you can see the making of of the artwork the at the Happinez Festival

Symbols for the Dalai Lama
These are the same special symbols that Carmen painted to welcome the Dalai Lama in the Netherlands,
both in 2009 as in 2014.
The size of the painting at the Happinez Festival is 4×4 meter (13.2 feet) and consists of a lotus flower
with 8 lotus petals with one symbol in each leaf.

This festival, organized by the Happinez Magazine, has of an inspiring program with lectures by famous speakers from all over the world, workshops, yoga, music and delicious food. The festival is held on the beautiful fort island named Fort Voordorp near Utrecht.

See more pictures
To see more pictures and the growth of this painting go to the album ‘Happinez festival 2015‘ on the Thangka Painting Facebook page.

Exhibiting the artwork in 2017
As hundreds of people of all ages have worked on this large and beautiful painting, their energies can be seen and felt in this special work!
It will be exhibited during the next Happinez Festival in 2017.