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Lotus Flowers

in the Tibetan tradition

NYC – Evening workshop

In this evening workshop you will learn how to draw a Lotus Flower according to the Tibetan Buddhist thangka tradition.

The lotus flower (Skt. Pad Ma, Tib. Pema) was not only adopted as a sacred symbol in India and Tibet, but also in Persia, Egypt, China, and Central Asia. And in all these countries it is seen as a symbol of beauty, perfection and spiritual purity and spiritual awakening.

Many aspects of the Buddhist path are captured in the Lotus: it grows from the mud (samsara), but as it is unstained by that it appears clean on the surface (purification), and in the end produces a beautiful flower (enlightenment).

Lotus Flowers are a symbol of both compassion and the highest state of consciousness, that’s why many Buddhas hold a Lotus flower in their hands, such as White Tara, Female Buddha of Longevity, May 24-26. Another famous Buddha was born from a lotus, hence the name Padma-Sambhava (‘Lotus-Born’), May 31-June 2 

Besides the drawing session, this workshop contains a short meditation and a presentation on the symblism of the lotus flower in Tibetan art. There is individual guidance and a lot of room for questions.

Drawing experience is not needed!

The use of materials is included, but you are welcome to bring your favorite art materials as well.
Also bring some slippers or thick socks to wear.

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Date: Tuesday May 21, 2019
Time: 7-10pm
Price: $50
Where: Sacred Arts Research Foundation, 107 Green St. #G55, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Please register here at the Sacred Arts Research Foundation to be sure of your space