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NYC – Weekend Course


White Tara

The female Buddha of Longevity


During this weekend course, organized by Pratt Institute, you will learn how to draw the female Buddha White Tara according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. 

White Tara (Tib. Drolkar) is one of the leading ‘Long Life Buddhas’ in Tibetan Buddhism.
The seven eyes (face, palms and soles) of White Tara enable her to clearly see all beings in the realms of existence, and help them with her wisdom and compassion.

It is said that White Tara’s meditation practice (that we will also do this weekend) can help to overcome obstacles (such as life-threatening illnesses) as well as help to extend your life. The practice can also be done on behalf of someone else.

Another beautiful ritual is to offer a White Tara thangka or image when a baby is born, to wish the newborn may have a long life ahead.

Drawing these enlightened images is a meditation in itself and creates joy.
Through a combination of drawing, presentations, lectures and meditations you will learn all about the backgrounds and symbolism of White Tara, and experience the meditational way of drawing thangka. You will also learn the meaning of White Tara’s mantra and learn how to work with it. This will give you drawing so much more depth.
If you are a Buddhist practitioner, drawing the Buddha image significantly improves visualization in your meditations.

During the drawing sessions there is a lot of individual guidance by Carmen.

>>> Included in this course is a visit to the Rubin Museum of Art!

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Dates & time:
Friday May 24, 2019: 6.30-8PM Lecture/presentation on White Tara and her symbolism / ROOM 213
Saturday May 25 + Sunday May 26, 2019: 10Am – 5PM both days (with a 1hr lunch break) / ROOM 308
Price: $333
Where: PRATT MANHATTAN CENTER, 144 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10011
See also the Pratt Institute website

Materials to bring:
– 1 sheet of good drawing paper 17 x 22 inch (or larger if you wish)
– pencil (or mechanical pencil)
– eraser
– ruler (pref. 18 inch)
– optional: colored pencils

Please register a.s.a.p.
with program director Suzanne de Vegh by filling out this form 
(or phone 212.647.7299):