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The original course at Pratt Institute in NYC will now be offered as a complete online course

Drawing the Face of the Buddha

buddha-face-workshop-carmen-mensinkDue to the current world wide corona virus outbreak we are working hard to offer this Pratt Institute course -where you will learn how to draw the Face of the Buddha according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition- as a complete online course.

This course will be launched on the day of the original workshop (May 7th) and consists all the necessary and clear manuals and instruction videos. This way you can take this course in your own time. You will be able to contact Carmen Mensink anytime when stuck.


With a short meditation and a short lecture to learn more about the backgrounds and symbolism of Tibetan thangkas, this is the best introduction if you want to learn how to draw a Tibetan thangka, such as Medicine Buddha, the Buddha of Healing, which is the subject of the following online thangka course.

To draw the Buddha Face we will work with the original grid-patterns (that contain the right proportions), which serve as a helpful tool.

We do our utmost best to create clear instruction videos. If you are still stuck during the course you can contact Carmen Mensink any time.
After the course you will have made a beautiful, self drawn Buddha and have learned a lot about Tibetan Buddhist Art.

Drawing experience is not necessary.
This online course is convenient, flexible and you can take it on your own time.

We would love to see the Buddhas that you have created!

This workshop makes the perfect entrance to creating a complete Buddha in the subsequent weekend course:

Launch date: Thursday May 7
Time: Whenever you are ready! You can start at any given time
Price: $95
Where: You will receive a link to the online course, and can contact Carmen at any time that you need help.
Materials needed:
Paper, pencil (regular or mechanical), ruler, eraser
Optional: colored pencils

Please register with program director Suzanne de Vegh by filling out this form (or call her at 212.647.7299):