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NYC – Weekend Course

At the Shantideva Center

the Second Buddha

During this extended weekend retreat you will learn how to draw
the powerful Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche) according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. 

Padmasambhava was born in India in the 8th century (from a lotus flower as the story goes), and he was a great tantric master that was not only known for his deep wisdom and teachings, but also for the many miracles that he performed.

He is responsible for the introduction of (tantric) Buddhism in Tibet, and it is thanks to his activities that Buddhism has become so great in Tibet. Because he is so important, he is also referred to as ‘the Second Buddha.’

Padmasambhava’s Tibetan name is Guru Rinpoche, and he was partly responsible for the construction of the very first Buddhist monastery in Tibet: Samye.

Together with Yeshe Tsogyal (one of his two wives who also became famous and respected spiritual teachers), Padmasambhava traveled the entire Tibetan plateau to hide large quantities of religious texts. These terma texts (or treasure texts) were deliberately buried or hidden in order to be of use to future generations if they were ripe for their content.

Throughout the Himalayan region, traces of this great master can still be found, such as in and around the many caves in which he meditated.

In addition to drawing this special deity, in this extended weekend course you will learn all about the backgrounds and symbolism of Padmasambhava through presentations and lectures. In the mornings we will start with a guided meditation on Padmasambhava, and you will also learn the meanings of his mantra and work with it.

Thangka-drawing is a meditation in itself, and creates joy and inner peace.
Buddhist lamas say “When you draw a Buddha, you draw your own mind.”
If you are a Buddhist practitioner, drawing a Buddha can greatly be of benefit to your visualization meditation.

Requirements & options for this course

This retreat is suitable for both intermediate and more advanced thangka students.

Beginners are welcome when at least they have previously learned the basics through a Buddha Face workshop, such as the Buddha Face Workshop NYC on May 23, 2019.

If you have missed this class, Carmen offers you the option to draw the Buddha Face instead of the announced subject at the Hybrid Animals in Tibetan Art, May 30, 2019. If you prefer to do so please let let her know, so she can prepare this for you.

You may also opt to draw The Buddha (Buddha Shakyamuni) instead of Padmasambhava. If you prefer this, please contact Carmen about it, so she can prepare this for you.

Students may also choose to finish their previous thangka artwork during this retreat (and of course you will receive the new grid proportions, too).


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More Info & Registration

Schedule & cost

thangka-art-group-new-yorkFri May 31  7.30-9.30pm
Sat June 1
  10am-6pm (with a 1hr lunch break)
Sun June 2  9am-5pm (with a 1hr lunch break)

Workshop fee: $190

The use of Materials is included!
  • 2 sheets of thick drawing paper, minimum size 18×24″ but preferably bigger
  • HB pencil (or a refillable lead pencil)
  • a long ruler (preferably 18-inch and with both inches and cm)
  • an eraser
Shantideva Center
432 6th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215

(917) 909-0410