January – Traditional Paint preparation

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Preparing paints in the traditional way

For many years I’ve been wanting to learn more about the traditional preparation of paints, and this month I was finally able to do so and take some time off.

zaanse-schans-de-katDe Kat in Zaandam
The best place to learn how to prepare paints is at the old and wonderful windmill called ‘The Cat’ in Zaandam.
It’s the only place left in The Netherlands that still produces pigments in the traditional way, by grinding minerals and rocks into the finest pigment powders. Next, these pigments are used to make different paints, such as the paints that are traditionally used in thangkas.
The courses were given by Pieter Keune, renowned master in the technical aspect of art materials.

If you want to learn how to work with the traditional thangka painting techniques, the best is to come to a week-long or longer thangka retreat, where there’s enough time to explain and explore.

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