February – The Temples of Thailand

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Buddhist Art & Temples in Thailand

This month after my teachings in Malaysia and Singapore I traveled to Thailand, to learn more about the beautiful and old Buddhist Lanna Art and to visit as many temples and museums as I could.

Chiang Mai
I went to the wonderful city of Chiang Mai, where I connected with some Thai artists who work in this decorative Buddhist art style and bought some of their artwork as I think it’s very important to support local artists.


After Chiang Mai I traveled further to Sukhothai, a 13th century Buddhist kingdom. It’s a beautiful ancient temple city that was designated a UNESCO World Heritage historical park.

Khmer style
Eight centuries ago, Sukhothai was under the domination of the Khmer Empire, so the many Buddha statues and temples show the specific influence of the Khmer style, that is famous for the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia.

Bangkok temples
In one of the biggest temples in Bangkok I found these amazing paintings, that resemble the medicine charts and paintings shown in Tibetan Medicine:

medical-school-paintings-thailand  medical-painting-thailand