Thangka Classes

Tibetan Buddhist Art Courses


We offer different kinds of workshops all around the world:

  • Short Thangka Classes
    These short classes (up to 3hr) you will get a glimpse of Tibetan Buddhist Art.
  • Thangka Day Workshops
    In a day workshop you will be able to draw and color a Buddha Face, Lotus Flower, other Tibetan Buddhist Symbols etc.
    The thangka day workshops will give you a great introduction in Tibetan Art.
  • Weekend Courses
    In the (extended) weekend courses we dive much deeper in a subject. Each course revolves around a different (complete) Buddha or Mandala and you will be able to draw (part of) a Buddha or Mandala. Coloring or painting your drawing can be done at home or during a thangka painting retreat.
  • Thangka Painting Retreats
    The longer courses are suitable for painting and usually last one week to 10 days. Examples are the annual course at Omega Institute (Rhinebeck, NY,USA), the annual Thangka Painting Retreat in Italy and the new Sri Lanka Buddhist Art Retreat (including sightseeing tour). In a retreat there’s time to learn to work with the special thangka painting or coloring techniques. The retreats give a good opportunity to combine them with vacation or sightseeing.
  • Individual Thangka Teachings
    Treat yourself to the luxury of a private course with a few friends or just for yourself.

Meditations, lectures and mantras

Included in all classes are (short) meditations, slideshows and lectures on the meaning, symbolism and mantra of the particular subject.

Not only drawing and painting

Now and then courses in related Tibetan Buddhist art forms are offered, such as Buddhist Amulet making workshops and Tibetan Mask making classes.