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Create a Tibetan Amulet
for Protection, Well-being, Abundance and Longevity

An afternoon class with artist Carmen Mensink, who returns to the Shantideva Center to lead thangka drawing and painting classes as well as this special Tibetan Buddhist amulet making workshop, where you will learn to make your own Protection Amulet according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Through the presentations you will learn about the background and meanings of Tibetan amulets.

The amulets are traditionally made of paper, printed with a special woodblock print of mantras and prayers of different Buddhas.

Each amulet is filled with medicinal herbs and precious substances (such as gold), and folded in a special way and bound in different ways with colored thread.

One chooses a the kind of amulet that offers what is needed at that moment as ach amulet has a specific meaning and power.

You can choose to make either one of the following amulets:


“I was blessed to participate in Carmen Mensink’s Amulet workshop. Ms Mensink is an excellent instructor: knowledgeable, thoughtful, and mindful of her students’ abilities. Not only did we learn about the role of amulets in tibetan life and spiritual practice, but we also had the chance to craft an amulet for our own protection…mine now is displayed near a tibetan hanging of the eight auspicious symbols over the arch to my living room. I hope to have another chance to enjoy ms. Mensink’s teaching.

Marcie S. Gitlin
Tibetan Amulet Class, Rubin Museum of Art, New York City, USA

More Info & Registration

Schedule & Cost

Sun Oct 9 from 2.30-6.30PM

Workshop fee: $75 including the use of all materials (also medicinal herbs and precious substances such as gold) 


Tip: Combine this afternoon workshop with the Drawing the Buddha Face Workshop that takes place in the same room from 10.30AM-1.30PM!

Shantideva Center
432 6th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(917) 909-041


As there’s limited room space available it’s recommended to register asap.:

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