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The Four Harmonious Friends
Symbol of Peace & Collaboration

Learn to draw these famous animals in this evening + day workshop, according to the tradition of Tibetan Buddhist Thangka (scroll paintings).

These Four Harmonious Friends are also known by the name of Harmonious Brothers; it’s an illustration of four animals that sit on top of each other; the Elephant, Monkey, Hare and Partridge.

Besides drawing and coloring of this image you will hear all about the story behind it. It has its origins in the Jataka-Tales, the stories about the previous lives of the Buddha. Apart from Tibet and India, this image is often found in Bhutan as well. It is one of the most beloved stories that have been passed on from parents to children for centuries.

Paintings of the Four Friends can be found on the walls of people’s homes and monasteries.
People love having this image at home, as besides being a beautiful and decorative illustration, it stands for harmony, peace and collaboration in the family. In the monastery it promotes the harmony within the sangha (monastic community) and it teaches respect for old age.

The four herbivores also represent their four natural habitats: that of air (bird), tree (monkey),
earth (elephant) and subterranean (hare)
; therefore this image is also seen as a symbol of our harmony with nature.

This workshop is suitable for everyone, including people without any drawing experience. We will work with the traditional thangka grids (proportions) and you will get a lot of personal guidance.

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Schedule & Cost

Fri Sep 30 from 6-9PM 

Sat Oct 1 from 10.30AM-6.30PM (with breaks)

Workshop fee: $150 including the use of materials

Shantideva Center
432 6th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(917) 909-0410


As there’s limited room space available it’s recommended to register asap.:

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