21-taras-thangka-painter  21-taras-thangka-painting
The 21 Taras

This painter works on a thangka of the Twenty-One Taras: a set of manifestations of the female Buddha Green Tara – that’s why she’s depicted much larger in the center of the artwork. Despite what you may think, her ‘sister’ White Tara is not part of this large set of Taras.

The pictures were made in Boudhanath, Nepal, in 2006. A thangka with many figures and details like this will take the artist six months or more to complete.

A collection of artwork, articles, workshops and shop items connected to the Twenty-One Taras:

Video of Tara

Drawing Tara, the most famous female...
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Green Tara painted by Carmen Mensink

Mantra of Green Tara

Green Tara’s mantra Green Tara...
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Life size Green Tara

This big buddha statue of...
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The statue was first cleaned by Carmen and after that painted with the right colors and with real gold according to the Tibetan tradition.

Green Tara statue

Gilding & painting
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Green Tara

The Mother of all Buddhas
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