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NYC – Day workshop

Healing Plants

in the Tibetan Tradition

In this meditative workshop you will learn how to draw & color different healing plants and herbs in the Tibetan tradition.

When the Buddha transformed himself into the Medicine Buddha, the Buddha of Healing, he laid the foundation for Tibetan Medicine in the form of the so-called Four Medical Tantras (physiology, diagnosis, pathology and healing), where balance in both body and mind is the ultimate goal.

Through a combination of meditation, lecture and drawing sessions, in this 5hr workshop you will learn about some of the most used medicinal plants and herbs in Tibetan Medicine, the illnesses they are used for and learn how to draw them.

This workshop is suitable for anyone, including beginners without any drawing experience.
This workshop can be joined separately, but is a beautiful addition to the Medicine Buddha Thangka Weekend Course May 8-10, 2020 (at Pratt Manhattan), a few days earlier. When joining both you may want to put these medicinal plants into your Medicine Buddha drawing.

ADVANCED STUDENTS: Thangka students who have already drawn/painted Medicinal Plants in a previous course with Carmen may opt for the Emblem of Manjushri instead. Manjushri, the Buddha of Wisdom, is the subject of the May 15-17 Thangka Weekend Course in the same venue. If you prefer this, please contact Carmen soon after you registered, so she can prepare this for you. Advanced students are also welcome to complete their other thangka artwork during this workshop.

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More Info & Registration

Schedule & cost

Wed May 13, from 12/noon-5PM (with breaks)

The use of materials is included!

Workshop fee: $90

Shantideva Center
432 6th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215

(917) 909-0410


Registration link follows soon