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Medicine Buddha
The Buddha of Healing

Due to the current world wide corona virus outbreak we are working hard to offer this Pratt Institute course -where you will learn how to draw the Medicine Buddha according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition- as a complete online course.

This course will consists all the necessary and clear manuals and instruction videos. This way you can take this course in your own time. You will be able to contact Carmen Mensink anytime when stuck.

We hope that you understand that it takes a long time to create such elaborate course (Carmen is a perfectionist!) and that we can’t tell the exact launch date yet. Please pre-register below to stay updated on this course.


Original description:

During this weekend course organized by Pratt Institute Manhattan, you will learn how to draw the Medicine Buddha according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. 

The Medicine Buddha (Tib.: Sangye Menla) is the embodiment of all healing activities of the Buddhas, which are associated with healing both physical and mental suffering.

His deep blue color is that of lapis lazuli. Traditionally this precious stone was used to symbolize what was purely rare. In addition, this deep blue light has a healing effect when you work with it through visualization meditations (which we will also do this weekend).

In his left hand the Medicine Buddha holds a begging bowl filled with medicinal nectar and fruit. In his right hand he holds the Myrobalan plant, known as the ‘King of Healing’, which is known for its effectiveness in treating both mental and physical diseases.

Drawing an enlightened image like this Buddha is a meditation in itself and creates inner calmness and joy.

Through a combination of drawing, lectures and meditations, this weekend you will learn all about the backgrounds and symbolism of Medicine Buddha, and experience the meditational way of drawing thangka.
You will also learn the meaning of Medicine Buddha’s Mantra and learn how to work with it. Through this you will not only make a connection with the Medicine Buddha, it also give you drawing so much more depth.
If you are a Buddhist practitioner, drawing this Buddha image significantly improves visualization in your meditations.


You don’t need to have drawing experience, but if this is your first thangka course, it is advisable to take the Buddha Face Workshop on May 7   in addition. During the drawing sessions there is a lot of individual guidance by Carmen.

Advanced thangka students who have already drawn/painted the Medicine Buddha in one of Carmen’s previous courses may choose a different subject: the 8 Medicine Buddhas or Buddha Shakyamuni & the Aura of Six Perfections. If you want this please contact Carmen beforehand so she can prepare this for you.

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Launch date:
This Medicine Buddha complete online thangka course (and the Buddha Face + Medicine Buddha complete online thangka courses for beginners) will be launched as soon as possible
Price: $395
Where: conveniently on your own time and at your own pace

Please register 
with program director Suzanne de Vegh by filling out this form 
(or phone 212.647.7299):