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Medicine Buddha Thangka Art Course

Online at the School for Tibetan Buddhist Art
Available between June 12 – July 12, 2020

Carmen’s Thangka Course Drawing the Medicine Buddha, the Buddha of Healing is now online and can be booked at her new School for Tibetan Buddhist Art!

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  • For people who already have drawn the Buddha Face previously with Carmen in an onsite or online class. If you haven’t please check out the course bundles below
  • Space for a limited amount of students
  • Choose from 3 pricing plans that are based on the amount of personal guidance by Carmen
  • Drawing an enlightened image like the Medicine Buddha is a meditation in itself and creates inner calmness and joy

The Medicine Buddha (Tib.: Sangye Menla) is the embodiment of all healing activities of the Buddhas, which are associated with healing both physical and mental suffering.

Through a combination of drawing, lectures and meditations, you will learn all about the backgrounds and symbolism of Medicine Buddha, and experience the meditational way of  thangka drawing. His deep blue light has a healing effect when you work with it through the guided visualization meditations which are included in the course. You will also work with his mantra and learn the meaning of it.

medicine-buddha-drawing-asia  medicine-buddha-color-pencils-thangka-student


Drawing the Buddha Face!
Medicine Buddha Thangka Art Course

As the Drawing the Buddha Face! workshop is both the requirement -and the perfect entrance- to creating a complete Buddha, we offer thangka Course Bundles that include both.

The course bundles save you money and get you lots of extras!

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