Thich Nhat Hanh Quote

A lot of Harm has been done to the Earth, so now it’s time to kiss the ground with our feet


Have you joined one or more of Carmen Mensink’s thangka art classes, or attended one of her lectures or any other event?
Please share your experiences so you can let future students know what to expect.

ONLINE / Colouring Techniques Course for Thangka Art

In this in-depth, online course on colour theory, colouring techniques, shading techniques and blending techniques you will learn step by step how create the most beautiful artworks with coloured pencils. Check out our course bundles with this course included!

ONLINE between 5-14 FEB 2021 / Drawing the Buddha Face! Thangka Art Course

In this in-depth, online thangka course you will learn in a clear step by step process how to draw the Face of the Buddha (Buddha Shakyamuni) according to the Tibetan tradition of thangka. Full, personal guidance is offered during the course. For people with and without drawing experience. Check out our thangka learning course bundles!