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In her monthly picture blogs Carmen writes about her experiences & travels, or something else that has stood out that month:

December – Thangka Painting Year Training

December - Thangka Painting Year Training
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October – Thangka courses in Venice & Bologna

October - Drawing Padmasambhava in Venice and Buddha Shakyamuni in Bologna
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September – Happinez Festival exhibition

September - Happinez Festival exhibition of the 8 Auspicious Symbols artwork
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August – Festivals, Paris & the Guimet Museum of Asian Art

August - Festivals, Paris & The Guimet Museum of Asian Art
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July – Video on drawing the Buddha Face

July- Create a Tibetan Thangka Painting during the annual Thangka Painting Retreat in Italy
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June – Wonderful Thangka Painting Retreat in Italy!

My long thangka painting retreat is held each year in Arco, Trento (Northern Italy). Participants...
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May – Sand Mandala in all its different steps

May - The Sand Mandala in progress: from the first grains of sand to the...
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April – What I do besides thangka painting & teaching

April - What I do besides thangka painting & teaching
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March – Sri Lanka Buddhist Art Course & sightseeing tour

The very first thangka art retreat on the island of Sri Lanka
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February – Preparing for the Sri Lanka Buddhist Art Course!

Art course incl. sightseeing tour in Sri Lanka with subject 'Guan Yin, the female Bodhisattva...
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January – Snow & Individual Thangka Teachings

Teaching kids to draw a Buddha & guide them through 'The Buddha' exhibition
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