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The Lotus Flower (Skt & Tib.: Pad Ma or Pema)

Symbol of Spiritual Awakening

The lotus was not only in India and Tibet adopted as a sacred symbol, but also in Persia, Egypt, China, and Central Asia. And in all these countries it is seen as a symbol of beauty, perfection and spiritual purity & awakening.

Many aspects of the Buddhist path are captured in the Lotus: it grows from the mud (samsara), but as it is unstained by that it appears clean on the surface (purification), and in the end produces a beautiful flower (enlightenment).

Lotus Flowers are a symbol of both compassion and the highest state of consciousness. That’s why many Buddhas hold a Lotus flower in their hands, such as the Buddha of Compassion Avalokiteshvara (Tib.: Chenrezig), The Swift Liberator Green Tara and the long life Buddha White Tara.

Lotus Flower
Color pencils and gouache paints on paper
Copyright: © Carmen Mensink 2010
Status: Sold (but can be painted on commission)

healing-plants-tibetan-medicine-by-carmen-mensink  inspiration-by-carmen-mensink-thangka

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