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Chenrezig (Skt.: Avalokiteshvara)
The Buddha of Great Compassion

Thu 10 to Sun 13 Oct 2019

> Advanced thangka students may choose the 8-armed or 1000-armed Chenrezig instead <


In this extended weekend course, held at a typical Venetian Palace on a canal in Venice’s historical center, you will learn how to draw Chenrezig, the Buddha of Compassion, according to the tradition of Tibetan Buddhist thangkas (Tibetan scroll paintings).

The Sanskrit name of Chenrezig, Avalokiteshvara, means the ‘One who hears the cries of the world’, and he’s the Bodhisattva of Compassion and Protector of Tibet. The Dalai Lama is considered to be his earthly incarnation.

Long ago Chenrezig vowed not to return to Nirvana until all sentient beings were liberated from their suffering. In his 4-armed form he represents the Four Immeasurable Qualities of a Bodhisattva: compassion, love, joy and equanimity.
Advanced thangka students can choose to start with Chenrezig’s 8-armed or even 1000-armed version.

This wonderful deity reminds us that true awakening is not a retreat nor escape from our personal problems, but rather reaching outward and embracing the entire world with the compassion and love in our heart.

Included in this course are meditations on Chenrezig, slideshows & talks on his symbolism, and a lot of individual guidance.
You will also learn the meaning of and how to work with his famous mantra OM MANI PADME HUM

The course is suitable for everyone, including beginners with no drawing experience whatsoever.

Carmen Mensink will guide students through the cultural/historical context of thangkas and symbolism within Tibetan-Buddhist art through the combination of art, slide shows and meditations.

Drawing a Buddha is a meditation in itself and creates inner peace and joy. When you’re a Buddhist practitioner, the drawing of the Buddha can improve your visualization meditation on a great scale. Buddhist lamas say: “When you draw a Buddha, you are drawing your own mind.”

The course will be given in English -with an Italian translation-  and is suitable for both complete beginners and advanced thangka students. Beginner students will first draw a Buddha Face before moving onto the complete Buddha.

If you want to turn your thangka drawing of Chenrezig into a painted thangka you are welcome to do so in one of the longer art courses, such as the Thangka Retreat Italy from 12-21 June 2020, where you will learn the traditional thangka painting techniques, and Carmen will guide you through the thangka painting process.


More Info & Registration
For more information, cost and venue please check out the following:

Dates, time, price

Oct 10-13, 2019:
Thursday evening 10 oct: 19.30
– 21.30 Introduction + Lecture about the subject, ending with drinks and snacks – OPEN TO EVERYBODY
Friday 11 oct: 10.00 – 18.00 (incl. lunch break)
Saturday 12 oct: 10.00 – 18.00 (incl. lunch break)
Sunday 13 oct: 10.00 – 17.00 (incl. lunch break)

Price: €240 including coffee/tea/buiscuits/fruit.

Optional for each day: a large vegetarian lunch for €15 per day, including red and white wine, freshly made by the owners of our beautiful work space.

On Saturday evening there will be a wonderful dinner party, this can be booked on the spot for €15.


Materials to bring
  • Thick drawing paper size 50x65cm
  • ruler 40-50cm
  • pencil HB (regular or  mechanical pencil)
  • eraser
  • compass
  • (optional: colored pencils)
padmasambhava-thangka-italyPalazzo Minotto / Pianizzola (2nd floor)
Sestiere di Santa Croce n. 143,
Fondamenta Minotto,
Rio del Gaffaro (close to fondamenta dei Tolentini)

This is close to Piazzale Roma where the main train station of Venice is (S. Lucia) and all the busses arrive.

Where to spend the night
On AirBnB you can look for a room or apartment, but you can also check out the following hotels that are all near to where the thangka course takes place, and that we can recommend as the prices are not too high (for Venice standards). The people that run the B&B’s are friends of Giovanna, you may get a discount when you tell that you come for the thangka course that she organizes.

Debora’s home B&B
Venezia, Sestiere San Polo, near Goldoni bridge
Phone: +39 3480347153
Email: debora.pola(at)
Giovanni’s homeB&B
Rio del Gaffaro, Fondamenta del Gaffaro, Venezia
Phone:  +39 3478240344
Email:  giovanni.vit2011(at)
Sestiere Cannaregio n.3556, Venezia
Phone:   +39 3483432069 
Email:   marco.casabaseggio(at) 
Valentina Silvestri’s Home B&B (small single room with own bathroom and terras in beautiful area)
Fondamenta Eremite 1353, Venezia
Phone:   +39 3475856111
Also bookable via airbnb:
San Polo Star
Calle Campazzo, 3073/O, 30125 Venezia

Hotel Casa Peron

Salizada S.Pantalon n.84, Venezia

Phone: +39 041 5256057

Email: albergocasaperon(at)


Hotel S.Geremia Alloggi Gerotto Calderan  

Campo S.Geremia n.290, Venezia (close to train station)

Phone: +39 041 715562 / +39 041 716245

Email: info(at)


Albergo Marin

Ramo delle Chioverte n.670/B Sestiere Santa Croce, Venezia

phone:  +39 041 718022 / email:  info(at)



AlbergoHotel Doge
Sestiere S.Croce, Lista Vecchia Dei Bari n.1222 
Phone: +39 3491692362  / +39 3492233206  /  +39 3423757746  +39 3451351127


Hotel Florida 
Calle Priuli Cavalletti  sestiere Cannaregio, Venezia
(Close to train station)
Phone: +39 (0)41 715253 
Email:  info(at)


A friend, Barbara, can accommodate one person:

phone:  +39 3392188478 / email:  mauri.sopra(at)

She has 2 cats.


REGISTRATION (Registrati in Inglese o Italiano)

Please register in time to be sure of your space, by filling out this form:




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