Guided Meditations

Overview of meditations that Carmen Mensink guides during her thangka classes, each meditation for the specific subject that she is teaching. Carmen’s thangka students can listen to and download these meditations after the course if they want to continue with this practice at home

Buddhist Animal Care

Your pets give you unconditional love & joy. There are so many things you can do for them in return in the Tibetan Buddhist way of thinking.
Here are a few helpful Buddhist tools on helping your pets in daily life:

5 Buddha Families

There are many methods for developing our mind to higher levels of consciousness. One of the most profound is that of the ‘Five Buddha Families’: an old Buddhist system in order to understand the mind and its different aspects, and to work with that.

Tibetan Buddhist Lama Dance

Home > Artist > Inspiration > Tibetan Buddhist Lama Dance The Cham Lama Dance A traditional Cham Lama dance is an event held by Tibetan … Read More

Appliqué thangkas

An appliqué thangka is a thangka that’s not painted, but is made from…