Carmen’s Thangka Lineage

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The Thangka Lineage

In the Buddhist philosophy in the lineage of teachers is always very important and well honored, as it is because of the ones who went before us and who taught us the knowledge and tradition can be passed on.

The thangka lineage that Carmen is part of goes back hundreds of years. Here’s a short overview:

Carmen Mensink


Born and based in The Netherlands, she studied over 13 years with:


Andy Weber

Andy Weber with Carmen Mensink (picture taken in 2007)

Born in Germany and based in England, Andy Weber studied many years with master painter:



Thargey-la with Carmen Mensink (picture taken in 2006 when Carmen visited him at his house in Boudhanath, Nepal, as she wanted to see where her lineage comes from)

Born in Tibet, Thargey’s work can be found throughout Boudhanath, Nepal, where he lived and worked till he died in January 2014. He was the 7th in his family generation of thangka painters:


Six more generations in Thargey’s family

The thangka lineage was passed on to Thargey by his father, who learned it from his father who learned it from his father who… etc. They were all born and based in Tibet.