The 8 Great Stupas

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The 8 different Stupas in Tibetan Buddhism:

1) Lotus Blossom Stupa

This stupa refers to the Buddha’s birth, when he was still called Siddharta Gautama.

2) Enlightenment Stupa

This stupa symbolizes the Buddha’s attainment of enlightenment (under the Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya).

3) Stupa of Turning the Wheel of Dharma

This stupa refers to the first teaching that Buddha gave after he reached enlightenment; in the deer-park in Sarnath.

4) Stupa of Great Miracles

This stupa refers to various miracles the Buddha performed at Shravasti, where he was challenged to demonstrate his realization of enlightenment.

5) Stupa of Descent from Tushita Heaven

The Buddha’s mother, Mayadevi, was reborn in Tuṣita Heaven. In order to repay her kindness the Buddha went there to teach the dharma to her. This stupa commemorates the Buddha’s return from this celestial realm in order to continue his teachings on earth.

6) Stupa of Reconciliation

This stupa symbolizes the Buddha’s resolution of adisagreement among the sangha (the monastic followers).

7) Stupa of Complete Victory

Also called the Stupa of Long Life, this stupa refers to the Buddha’s agreement to prolong his life by three months, after one of his followers had begged him not to pass away.

8) Stupa of Parinirvana

This stupa symbolizes the Buddha’s passing into nirvana. His complete absorption into the highest state of mind is a state of true peace – which is beyond death.

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