Preferences Form Thangka Summer Retreat 23-30 July 2022

So nice that you’re coming to the Thangka Summer Retreat!

Here you’ll find everything you need: think about what you want to do this week, specify your preferences, and check the latest info:

1) Drawing or Painting?
Would you prefer to have immediate results in this Summer Retreat? Then stick to drawing.
I advise new people, or if you haven’t started thangka drawing for a long time, to stick with drawing for a while first.
This way you can train your hand well and first learn to get a feeling for shadow techniques in black-and-white and/or colored pencils.

That does not mean that you are not allowed to paint as a newcomer, that is fine, but I want to make it clear that painting a thangka is often a long and difficult process (think at least a year before you finish a thangka, that is if you work on it regularly), which can make it too overwhelming, especially as a beginner; I have seen this happen several times. It would be a pity if your thangka ended up in a closet, having spent a lot of money on paint, brushes and other materials.

If you are in doubt whether thangka painting is something for you, I would recommend using this week to do some painting experiments in addition to drawing, for example on a (fine) canvas board or painter’s cardboard that you can bring along. We’ll cover the thangka painting techniques in the second half of this week.

Drawing Materials
A Package with drawing materials for beginners can be ordered (see form), but you can also bring your own:

  • 2 sheets of sturdy drawing paper 50×65/70cm, preferably at least 200gr (easiest to transport in a tube or folder)
  • Pencil HB (or mechanical pencil 0.5 mm)
  • Long ruler (40-50cm) and possibly a triangle
  • Eraser
  • Optional: Colored pencils of a good brand, eg Bruynzeel Design (also for sale on site). Other good brands are for exampl, Caran d’Ache Luminance or Faber Castell Polychromos. You can also use watercolor pencils for a mix between drawing and painting.
  • Optional: colored fineliners and/or other materials that you like to work with. Most materials are also for sale on site in Carmen’s Shop.

Painting Materials
View/Download the Material List for Thangka Painting here

2) Enter your preferences
Fill in the form below, so that I can make the right preparations for you:

3) Check the latest info here:

 Dates & Times

Thangka Summer Retreat Sat 23 through Sat 30 July, 2022
Saturday July 23rd:

  • 17.00 (5PM or later) Arrival and getting settles in your room 
  • 18.30 (6.30PM) Soup & Bread meal
  • 20.00 (8PM) Course starts with an explanation of the program and introductory lecture

Saturday July 30th: Course ends at 17.00 (5PM)

Between the drawing and painting sessions there is plenty of free time to go for walks or do other things.
Wednesday afternoon is free.

Note: To keep the costs of this course low, we ask you to do a ‘karma yoga task’ every day (e.g. washing dishes together or making coffee/tea)

 Other things to bring and think about

In addition to the drawing and/or painting materials that you will be using, it is useful to bring:

  • slippers or thick socks
  • notebook and pen
  • possibly (daylight) lamp and extension cord
  • possibly walking shoes (there are beautiful walks in the area)
  • possibly swimwear (there is an outdoor swimming pool opposite)

Besides the hard work, there is also a lot of fun this week!
These retreats are characterized by the pleasant atmosphere and the nice group of people, whom you quickly get to know.
If you want to bring or share something, you are most welcome to do so!
For example, if you play guitar or another instrument please bring it, we may sing songs together. Also, a woman who brought her singing bowls offered to give a sound concert.
And if for ex. you do yoga every morning, it might be nice to offer others the opportunity to participate.

In the middle of the week we have half a day off, where you can for ex. go for a long walk, visit the nearby care farm or the old paper factory, or take a ride on the old steam train. Information about this will be provided.

And finally: during the course there are drawing and painting materials, thangka cards, Tibetan/Nepalese jewelry and other things for sale at Carmen’s Shop.
Preferably to be paid in cash (which also comes handy when you want to purchase extra drinks or snacks from the center).

Location and how to get there
Maitreya Instituut Loenen (Hotel Bosoord)
Hoofdweg 109,
7371GE Loenen (Veluwe)

If you travel by public transport, you can do so by train and bus, see the website above or click on the ‘directions’ in the map below. On the way back, it is often possible for someone to drop you off at a station.