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Carmen Mensink’s artwork can be purchased through FineArtAmerica.
Her Buddhas and Mandalas are available in high quality giclee prints or high quality prints on canvas, acrylic or metal. You can choose your preferred size, kind of paper, glossy or matte finish and whether you like to have it framed or not.


Thangka Posters & Prints

Available in different Buddhas and Mandalas, in many sizes.


Framed Thangka Art Prints

Available in different Buddhas and Mandalas, choose from many different frames.


Canvas / Metal Art Prints

Available in different Buddhas and Mandalas, on different materials and with or without frame

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The following Posters can be purchased through the artist:

Thangka Posters, big and glossy

Available in: Mandala of Chenrezig and Green Tara.

Size: 23.3×16.5″ (A2 size / 59.4 x 42cm).
Prices: depend on the amount of posters you would like to purchase.
Cardboard or plastic tubes to go with the posters can be ordered as well.

avalokiteshvara-chenrezig-poster-mandala-thangka  green-tara-poster-thangka