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White Tara, Buddha of Longevity

Online at the School for Tibetan Buddhist Art

White Tara painted by Carmen Mensink during a special 24hr Long Life Practice

White Tara painted by Carmen Mensink during a special 24hr Long Life Practice

In this in-depth online thangka course you will learn to draw White Tara in a clear step-by-step process, according to tradition of Tibetan Buddhist thangka (scroll paintings).

  • Limited amount of students
  • Course Materials will be sent to you
  • Learn, Create and Meditate in this clear step by step process
  • Personal guidance by renowned thangka painter Carmen Mensink

The female Buddha White Tara (Tib. Drolkar) is one of the main longevity deities in the Tibetan Buddhist pantheon. Her practice can be done to prolong your life and to overcome life-threatening obstacles such as illnesses.
It is said that White Tara’s seven eyes enable her to clearly ‘see’ all beings in the realms of existence.

There are many rituals connected to White Tara and Long Life practices, such as the beautiful ritual to offer a White Tara image to somebody who is ill, or to a newly born baby to wish that he or she may have a long life ahead.

In this in-depth course you will learn through a combination of drawing, lectures and meditations all about the backgrounds and meanings of White Tara, as well as experiencing the meditational aspect of thangka drawing.
You can start with the guided Meditation on White Tara. You will also learn the meaning of the Mantra of White Tara and learn how to work with it.

The drawing of these enlightened images is like a meditation in itself, and creates a lot of joy.
If you are a Buddhist practitioner, drawing a Buddha image significantly improves visualisation in your meditations.

Note: Beginner thangka art students traditionally start with the basis by learning to draw the Face of the Buddha.