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The Face of the Buddha
Start your Thangka Art Journey here
Sep 1-10, 2023
Learn to draw the Face of the Buddha according to the Tibetan Thangka Tradition
Perfect for those who want to start their journey in Tibetan Art, or for those who are just curious and interested in art and buddhism:

  • Suitable for people with and without drawing experience (actually quite a lot of students who have no drawing experience whatsoever join this course)
  • The average student takes 4hrs (b&w drawing) to 1-2 days (full color drawing) to complete this course 
  • Suitable for all time zones as you schedule your own time for this course within its ten days availability
  • During the course Carmen will be fully available for personal guidance, advice and comments on your artwork
  • This course has a limited amount of students to ensure its high quality and Carmen’s guidance
  • This course is a requirement for the follow-up courses such as The Buddha, the Medicine Buddha, and White Tara

This course can be purchased as a stand-alone, or in a course bundle (cheaper) that includes the Colouring Techniques course

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Buddha Face

Buddha Face + Colouring Techniques