Commissioning or buying a thangka drawing

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Commissioning or buying a thangka drawing

Carmen can make you a drawing on commission. Any size is welcome and will be drawn in consultation with you (including special dedications & blessings on the back) making it a very personal thangka drawing.

Traditionally, by commissioning a thangka, you will ‘bring the Buddha alive‘ which, according to Tibetan-Buddhism, brings on very positive karma and stabilizes your connection with the Buddha and the path to enlightenment, in this life and in future lives.

Price Indication
Each piece is unique and painted in great detail, therefore even a small thangka drawing can take many days of fulltime work.
Prices are based on a single deity without landscape and include all materials and taxes.
Excluding shipping fees.

12×16 inch (30×40 cm) = $ 500

16×20 inch (40×50 cm) = $ 670

20×24 inch (50×60 cm) = $ 840

24×28 inch (60×70 cm) = $ 1000

Order or questions
If you would like to commission a thangka of your choice or if you are interested in buying one of Carmen Mensink’s Thangka Drawings (should they still be for sale) please contact the artist.