First Thangka Course on Bintan Island (Indonesia)

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Thangka Course on Bintan Island

The Indonesian island in front of Singapore’s coast

Each year I teach thangka drawing and painting workshops in Singapore.
At The Buddhist Library I offered a weekend on Offering Goddesses, such as the Offering Goddess with Lotus and Mantra and the Offering Dakini of Music.

After my classes in the beginning of January I was first time invited to teach a thangka course on Bintan.

Bintan Island
is a small Island in front of the coast of Singapore, that belongs to Indonesia.
The Asian Spiritual Classics (ASC), asked me to offer a thangka course on Buddha Shakyamuni (for beginner thangka students) and White Tara (for more advanced students). I met the students at the boat that was taking us to the island – everyone was so excited to go!

Here’s a photo impression of the thangka course on the Indonesian island.
If you like what you see join us next time!

Bintan island has parts with a beautiful coast line, but as it was quite rainy in the long weekend that we spend on the island we didn’t swim this time but made some nice walks. We stayed in a wonderful resort with comfortable rooms, a rooftop pool and amazing food – which was all included in the price.

More pictures can be found on the Thangka Painting Facebook Page, when you click on the image below it will take you to its photo album: