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Wrathful Face & Mask

Tibetan Buddhist Masks -just like in many cultures all over the world- are used as a means to transform identity.
This face is that of a Dharma protector, called Dharmapala in Sanskrit.
There are 8 protectors of the Tibetan Buddhist teachings, the list can be found below.

Wrathful Mask
Drawing on paper

Copyright: © Carmen Mensink 2015
Status: For sale

The Eight Dharmapalas

Thangka painter painting the eyes of a wrathful deity

List of the 8 Dharmapalas:

  • Mahakala
  • Yama
  • Yamantaka
  • Hayagriva
  • Vaisravana
  • Palden Lhamo
  • Tshangspa Dkarpo
  • Begtse

You could view them as the ‘bodyguards’ of the tantras, the esoteric texts for the more advanced practitioner.

“We show the same form as the evil so the evil can feel fear. The protective deities take a wrathful form in order to scare evil.” – Khenpo Konchok Namdak

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