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Vajrasattva by Andy Weber

NYC – Weekend Course

organized by the Shantideva Meditation Center

the Buddha of Purification

During this weekend course you will learn how to draw Vajrasattva Buddha according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. 

Vajrasattva (Tib.: Dorje Sempa) stands for the purification of the mind, which is essential for anyone who wants to make progress on the spiritual path.
The Vajrasattva practice is very powerful for purifying the negative ‘blueprints’ in our minds and the impure actions of body and speech that come out of that. In all four Tibetan Buddhist schools the Vajrasattva practice is one of the preliminary practices.

Vajrasattva wears the beautiful robes and jewels of a classical Indian monarch. The Tantric attributes that he holds in his hand, the Vajra and Bell, represent method (to develop compassion) and wisdom; the two aspects that are essential if you want to make steps on the path to enlightenment (the highest state of consciousness).

Besides the drawing sessions this course comes with meditations and lectures on Vajrasattva. You will also get a detailed explanation of the mantra of purification, and learn how to work with it.

The weekend is suitable for both beginners (with no drawing experience whatsoever) and advanced students.
Beginners may also opt to draw The Buddha (Buddha Shakyamuni) instead of Vajrasattva. If you prefer this, please contact Carmen about it, so she can prepare this for you.

Some Vajrasattva’s by Carmen’s students:

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More Info & Registration

Schedule & cost

thangka-art-group-new-yorkApril Sat 14 & Sun 15, 2018:
Sat 10.00am – 6pm (lunch time 1-2pm)
Sun 10.00am – 6pm (lunch time 1-2pm)

Workshop fee: $180 $170

Materials to bring
  • 2 sheets of thick drawing paper, minimum size 18×24″ but preferably bigger
  • HB pencil (or a refillable lead pencil)
  • a long ruler (preferably 18-inch and with both inches and cm)
  • an eraser
Hall name: the Refectory
Address: Union, 3041 Broadway at 121st Street, New York, NY 10027
(Located in Columbia University)