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Restore your thangka according to tradition

Carmen Mensink can restore your damaged scroll painting -due to old age or water damage for example- in the Tibetan Buddhist way. This is done with very small brushes, the right paints & pigments and pure gold. A few restoration examples:

Restoration of a Chenrezig Mandala


Restoration of this somewhat older Tibetan thangka of the mandala of Chenrezig (in Sanskrit called Avalokiteshvara), the Buddha of compassion.

A small part of this big and beautiful Nepalese-Tibetan thangka needed some restoration and improvement on a few points in order to be correct according to tradition.
Carmen gently removed the parts that needed to be changed and painted in again, all in the same style and colors as the rest of the thangka.

Restoration of an Avalokiteshvara (Chenrezig) thangka

thangka-restoration-avalokiteshvara-chenrezigRestoration of a Nepalese thangka of the Buddha of compassion, that had suffered from severe water damage.

“The restoration done by Carmen Mensink of my Chenrezig Thangka was masterful especially given that the entire midsection has completely destroyed in a home flood. It takes a special kind of sensitivity and expertise to successfully match the subtle colors, delicacy of line, aesthetic details, expressiveness, and most importantly spirituality in restoring a religious artwork.

Prior to undertaking the restoration, Ms. Mensink was extremely conscientious in identifying the nature, type and extent of treatment needed. As both a scholarly conservator and teacher Ms. Mensink is one of the best in her field. (I happily admit to having learned much in the process).

On a personal note, Ms. Mensink is extremely affable and trustworthy, and the time spent in her company was a genuine pleasure.”

Faye Ran, PhD, Art Historian and Curator, NYC. August 2015

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