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List of venues and organizations that collaborate with Carmen Mensink to offer her teachings, lectures, guided tours, and where she develops & executes large painting projects and other events, as well as collaborations for online classes, articles and podcasts on Tibetan Buddhist art:

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Guided tours at museums


Lectures, Workshops (for adults and teens), and Guided Tours through the Asian sections of the museums:
Rubin Museum of Art – New York City, USA
Tropenmuseum – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Museum Volkenkunde – Leiden, The Netherlands
De Nieuwe Kerk – Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Courses, Workshops & Lectures:
Omega Institute – Rhinebeck, NY, USA
Pratt Institute – New York City, USA
Tibet House NY – New York City, USA

Lectures & Speeches

E-Vam Institute – New York City, USA
International Shang Shung Institute – Preservation of Tibetan Heritage & Culture
Asian Classics Institute Singapore – Singapore


Courses, Workshops & Lectures:
Columbia University – New York City, USA
University of Bologna – Bologna, Italy
Budapest Buddhist University – Budapest, Hungary

Festivals & Events

Happinez Festival, painting a large mandala together with hundreds of visitors

Large painting projects with visitors of the festivals & events,Thangka Painting Demonstrations, Thangka Exhibitions, Lectures etc.:
Museum Night 2018, Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dalai Lama 2018 visit, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Happinez Festival 2017 – Utrecht, The Netherlands
Block Party Rubin Museum of Art 2016, New York City, USA
Buddhism Festival 2016 at National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden, The Netherlands
Happinez Festival 2015 – Utrecht, The Netherlands
Buddhism Festival 2015 at National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden, The Netherlands

Painting of the 8 Auspicious Symbols to welcome the Dalai Lama to The Netherlands

Block Party Rubin Museum of Art 2015, New York City, USA
Dalai Lama 2014 visit, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Buddhism Festival 2014 at National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden, The Netherlands
Block Party Rubin Museum of Art 2014, New York City, USA
Buddhism Festival 2013 at National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden, The Netherlands
Happinez Festival 2013 – Utrecht, The Netherlands
Dalai Lama 2009 visit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Buddhist Youth Festival 2008 – Bad Rappenau, Germany

High Schools

Workshops for children and teens:

Twents Carmel College De Thij – Oldenzaal, The Netherlands
Shri Dheerananda School, Sri Lanka (a workshop thangka drawing for 100 children!)

Workshops for children and teens

Workshops for different schools at Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Buddhist Centers

Courses, Workshops, Guided Meditations & Lectures:

The Buddhist Library – Singapore, Singapore
Losang Dragpa Centre – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Maitreya Institute – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Maitreya Institute – Loenen, The Netherlands
Sakya Tsegchen Ling – The Hague, The Netherlands
Rabten Jigme Ling Buddhist Center – The Hague, The Netherlands
Buddhas Gompa – Deventer, The Netherlands
Chenrezig Study Center – Bologna, Italy
Kushi Ling Retreat Center – Arco, Italy

Thangka Painting Retreat & Sightseeing in Sri Lanka

Dzogchen Community – Venice, Italy
Taracittamani Buddhist Center – Padova, Italy
Institute Lama Tzong Khapa – Pomaia, Italy
Sabsel Thekchok Ling Buddhist Center – Genoa, Italy
Centro Nagarjuna – Madrid, Spain
Centro Eh Wam – Coimbra, Portugal
Chenrezig Tibetan Buddhist Center – Philadelphia, USA
Three Rivers Dharma Center – Pittsburgh, USA
Milarepa Retreat Center – Vermont, USA
Guhyasamaya Buddhist Center – Washington DC, USA
Karma Yönten Ling, Malmö, Swed

Meditation Centers

Courses, Workshops, Guided Meditations & Lectures:
Shantideva Meditation Center – New York City, USA (weekend courses, day workshops)
Paramita Meditation Center, Kandy, Sri Lanka (Buddhist art retreat incl. sightseeing tour)
Contemplative Studies Program (USA), with Miles Neale

Podcasts & Online classes

Other collaborations Podcasts with:
Buddhist Door Global, Hong Kong
Anjie Cho, Holistic Spaces Podcast – New York City, USA
Pratt Institute (New York City, USA) Online Program
Jessica A. Robinson, Purepoint International – New York City, USA
Back to the Drawing Board Podcast – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Miles Neale, Contemplative Studies Program – NY, USA


Testimonials by venues in blogs & magazines:



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The Leidener, Leiden University (Netherlands)

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Rubin Museum of Art (USA)

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Path of Joy Magazine (Singapore)

Picture review of Carmen's Buddhist Art Course in Singapore
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Art Classes for Teens at the Rubin Museum (USA)

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University of Bologna Magazine (Italy)

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