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PALERMO – Weekend course 10-12 novembre 2017


Drawing the Buddha!

This weekend you will learn to draw The Buddha according to the old Tibetan Thangka tradition.
The official name of the Buddha is ‘Buddha Shakyamuni’, and the Buddhist philosophy as we know it in its current form is based on his teachings.

This weekend is suitable for beginners and advanced students:

Shakyamuni1) Beginners will learn to draw the Face of the Buddha and the complete Buddha after that.

You don’t need to have any drawing experience.


Shakyamuni-six-perfections2) Advanced students can opt to draw Buddha Shakyamuni & the 6 Perfections
Students who already have drawn the Buddha in a previous thangka course with Carmen can opt for the form in which the Buddha revealed the teachings of the Mahayana-Path; the ‘large vehicle’.
This image shows the same Buddha but with a large aura of figures and animals around him, representing the Six Perfections: generosity, moral discipline, patience, enthusiastic perseverance, meditative concentration and wisdom.
If you want this please contact Carmen about it.

Besides the drawing sessions this course offers meditations and lectures about the subject, where you will learn everything about the background and symbolism of the iconography. You will also learn Buddha Shakyamuni’s mantra and its meaning.




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